Our Products


Fruitcakes & Puddings

We have several recipes — each with it’s own characteristics — and available in various sizes and formats. There are some with butter, some with pecans, some with molasses, and some with lots of candied fruit. Pick one, or maybe even two.

Photo: a Group of SBP products: Breads.

Variety Breads & Rolls

We offer a selection of artisan style breads, rolls and specialty buns: white, brown, multi-grain, etc. Our bread and rolls are portioned and panned by-hand and are made with the help of some mixing equipment. Our products are uncommonly tasty.

Photo: a Group of SBP products: Glazed Donuts.

Donuts: Glazed, Filled

Our local following is not shy to say that our donuts are something to experience. We offer both yeast-raised and cake-style donuts — some are glazed and others are filled (and double filled). We make some fresh on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Photo: anSBP products: Mille Feuilles

Sweet Goods & Pastry

Chocolately brownies, luscious date squares, scrumptious mille feuilles, special spiced raisin cups, sticky sweet buns and more. We have something for just about everyone’s sweet tooth. In our opinion, it’s worth the time to come visit us to find out.

Photo: an SBP product: maple tarts.

Tarts & Cookies

Just in case you prefer cookies and tarts made the old-fashioned way: scooped out one at a time… we’ve got you covered. Lots of yummy flavours to choose from. Some items, like our maple tarts, are seasonal; so, get them while they’re hot.

Photo: a Group of SBP products: Cupcakes.

Specialty Cakes & Cupcakes

Personalized cakes for any occasion: birthdays, celebrations, holidays. Our decorators are talented with icing, there is no doubt about it. And for cupcakes, they’re a nice choice any time. Enjoy!